Product Overview

The BC-B30 is our newest amp offering and was inspired by classic British tube amps. An EL84 featuring two blended channels pushing each other as well as bass and treble tone controls. Keeping with our sleek and easily changeable tone configurations, the B30 has slightly less clean headroom but amazing chimney breakup: and it can get nasty. Capable of delivering a loud whisper, growl or a plethora of subtly over-driven, biting and crunching tones with simple knob twists…this is the BC-B30.

Both the BC-T20 and the BC-B30 are paired with two 12′′ Alnico Weber Speakers in our custom made cabinets. Both amps are full, warm and convey the natural, uncolored tone of your guitar. Broken Crow Amplification – Find Your Tone.


  • Power Output: 30 Watts
  • Output Tubes: (x4) EL84/N709 - Genalex Gold Lion
  • Preamp Tubes: (x3) 12AX7 - Genalex Gold Lion, Gold Pin
  • Rectifier: (x1) 5AR4/GZ34 - Genalex Gold Lion
  • Controls: Volume/Gain 1; Volume/Gain 2; Treble, Bass
  • Controls: 8 Ohm; 16 Ohm
  • Configurations: Head
  • Colors: Black
  • Dimensions & Weight: (H) 8" (W) 20" x (D) 8-1/4"; TBD lbs.
  • MSRP: $2,199.00

Cab Specifications

  • Cabinet: Volume/Gain 1; Volume/Gain 2; Treble, Bass
  • Configurations: 2x12 Cabinet
  • Speakers: (2x) Weber Alnico Blue Dog - 16Ω, 15W
  • Colors: White; Black
  • Dimensions & Weight: (H) 20" x (W) 28" x (D) 9"; TBD lbs.
  • MSRP: $1,099.00​